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About PraPro

We are a consolidated company of weather and computing professionals offering tools for the visualisation and analysis of satellite images. Our main focus is the development of image and chart browsers, meteorological products and educational materials. We develop customized applications for any field in the geophysical sciences, in response to private requests from the user.

Prapro provides standard applications of the most modern weather satellite. Every 15 minutes, or even 5 minutes, Meteosat offers information on twelve spectral channels: fog details in the solar channels and weather patterns in the synoptic scale, including cloud classification and instability assessment. All this information is free of charge for private, scientific, or educational use.

Prapro offers time licenses for its products which include upgrades, and avoids the customer the annoyance of having to pay for new product versions. The subscription grants the customer access to new versions during the paid period. Prapro improves its products continuously, and any user can benefit from that development at no additional cost.

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