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Nubes / Download Nubes

Now with new powerful functions:

System Requirements:

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
At least Pentium 4 2 Ghz
A DVB-S Card and approx. 80cm
antenna pointing at Eurobird 9
(for data acquisition)


File Size: 27,2 MB
Nubes Version: 4.98

Look at the amazing Rapid Scans from Meteosat-RSS every 5 minutes!

Work on two PCs to improve performance and comfort!
Did you miss the access to GOES satellites or to the polar platforms, including the recent Metop? Now both are available, including ozone distribution, plus temperature and humidity profiles from Metop-IASI for any region.

Coloured high resolution composites, 3-D anaglyphs, animation at 15-minute steps, blending soundings and sea surface temperatures from BUFR and GRIB reports, pixel distributions as a cloud classification tool, novel techniques for image enhancement, and reprojection into Mercator or polar stereographic are just some of the many features NUBES offers.

For the download of satellite images START decompresses the incoming files and classifies them in subdirectories of your installation folder, ready for use. During the live reception from an antenna through a Digital-Video-Broadcast (DVB) card, START organises incoming segment files and makes them ready for inspection and process by NUBES.

The Download of Nubes is absolutely free. The demo version gives you some basic functions to see how NUBES works. If you want to test the full version for free, just follow this link. It will guide you to a form, where you can sign up quickly for a two week trial.

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