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Nubes / Getting the weather

To receive satellite data through your nubes package (start.exe), you only need to follow these three easy steps:

  1. First, you need a user registration to access Eumetsat data. Eumetsat provides this access by means of an e-token and dedicated software, for a cost of 100 €.
  2. You will need a PC with at least these system requirements. Your antenna has to point currently at Eurobird 9 (9 degrees East) for European users, to fetch the Eumetcast data you signed up for.
  3. For image process and product generation, Prapro offers the package NUBES for Windows platforms. Feel free to inspect how it works by downloading it now. You can test the full version of Nubes free of charge for two weeks without any obligation from your side. After that time you might wish, or not, to buy a full license to keep using Nubes.

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