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Nubes / Changelog


June 2012

- Analysis of cloud tops statistics in media.txt
- Improved the angle correction for 3.9Ám reflectivity
- New water boundary lines for display applications, based on points


November 2011

- Extended number of slots accepted by "Time Series"
- Improved the dust retrieval algorithm
- Adjustment in the LandSAF product visualisation
- Corrects for the current GOES satellite the LRIT satellite display


March 2011

- Improved dust calculation
- Variable size for images allowed


January 2011

- Embed Start.exe in nubes menu
- Add Time series for particular locations
- Resize for Windows look and feel


June 2010

- Changes to rectification of MTSAT images

May 2010

- Functions for hrit 2 nat conversion
- Function for de-clouding
- Improvement in the pixel analysis display


April 2010

- Improvement in efficiency for NAT generation. No need to change system clock to GMT
- Added a function to recreate NATs
- Improved geolocation of pixels

September 2009

- GRIB plottings from ECMWF and similar codings enabled

October 2008

- Correction to the coastline for VIS Meteosat-7 imagery

May 2008

- Initial coastlines for Goes, in case of automatic products
- File lnul suppressed
- Adapted for rapid scan at 9.5E from Eumetsat archive (cursor location not corrected)

May 2008

- New parameters in MTSAT imagery included
- Colour code in Start.exe for stage of processing


May 2008

- Equation of time correction for polar orbits
- Enabling options for the temporal licence
- Orbits per day adjusted for Metop
- Rapid Scan Service included from 9.5 E
- Overlays for RSS based on 0 E coastlines
- Reversed colour scales for enhancements


May 2008

- More polar orbit angles
- Files in directory Gribs are purged regularly (bug)
- Remove "division by zero" error when the selected Native is purged

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